Olivia: Senior Model

Shoots like this are always so much fun! Olivia was up for anything I threw at her and we basically shot until a storm rolled in. This girl is amazing, and talented, and I'm excited to see where her dreams take her! 



Matthew: Columbia Falls High School Senior

So, I just need to have a big sister moment. This is my baby brother Matthew and ahhhhh isn't he just the cutest?! I CAN'T believe my little brother old enough to be a senior!!!! I'll never forget the first day he rode the bus, I think he was in 1st grade and I sat with him cause that's what big sisters do. The bus made a weird noise and Matthew looked at me and said "is the bus going to blow up?" Hahaha! Such a boy! I'll also never forget the day he came home from kindergarten with his school pictures, held them up to my mom and said "is dis my smile?!" He had the silliest little grin across his face in the pictures and was definitely NOT his normal smile, but it was pretty stinking cute. He still his. So here we go. Matthew's Senior pictures. I guess I'll have to get used to saying "Matthew's Senior" anything now....sad, and exciting.

Kinzie {Senior} Columbia Falls High School

I LOVED this session!! Kinzie flippin rocked the camera and my job a breeze!! She's such a classic beauty and trampin around the golf course with a giant shoe couch with her best friend and mom at sunset was everything I could ask for in a senior session!! The last three images on this post are shot on Kodak Portra 400...yummmmmmy film goodness right thur ;)

Bridget {Senior} Glacier High School

This is Bridget. Bridget is a babe. She's also an amazing tap dancer and danced for me in the downtown streets of Kalispell. This post is long over due, so I just have to publicly apologize for the lack of blog goodness....we've had a busy month with getting married and stuff ;) So thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding and most of all support. We're so excited to share this new journey with all of you! Back to Bridget. We had SUCH a blast! I'm awaiting the day when I see this girl grace the pages of  a JCrew catalogue. Seriously. She dresses the way I dress in my dreams. If I were cooler and could think I could pull that look off. She's definitely the personality that can and.I'm.jealous! A lot of her session was shot on film and it makes me heart oh so happy when we get scans back from Indie and we don't have to touch them AT ALL. It's how the world should be.