Super 8 Wedding Films

We first fell in love with Super 8 film at our own wedding. Tears streamed down our faces as we watched the footage of Rachel’s dad's lip quivering as he walked her down the aisle, to the last silly dance with our best friends. We knew we had to create these films for our own couples. Since then we’ve offered Super 8 wedding films as a beautiful, nostalgic way to help shape the memories of a wedding day.  

We adore the rawness, the fun, and the emotion that comes from Super 8, with a look and feel that blends seamlessly with our still photography. These films are crafted using old Super 8 cameras and Kodak 8mm film. The cameras make a gentle whirring sound as they roll, with beautiful light leaks, soft grain, and a certain magic that can’t be felt or replicated with digital video, making every wedding film truly unique.

Super 8 Film - $3000

- 5 to 10 minute film -

- edited and set to music - 

- raw, organic, fully documentary -

- every film is 100% unique -

- online link in HD & USB drive -