Bridget {Senior} Glacier High School

This is Bridget. Bridget is a babe. She's also an amazing tap dancer and danced for me in the downtown streets of Kalispell. This post is long over due, so I just have to publicly apologize for the lack of blog goodness....we've had a busy month with getting married and stuff ;) So thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding and most of all support. We're so excited to share this new journey with all of you! Back to Bridget. We had SUCH a blast! I'm awaiting the day when I see this girl grace the pages of  a JCrew catalogue. Seriously. She dresses the way I dress in my dreams. If I were cooler and could think I could pull that look off. She's definitely the personality that can and.I'm.jealous! A lot of her session was shot on film and it makes me heart oh so happy when we get scans back from Indie and we don't have to touch them AT ALL. It's how the world should be.