Ice Cream Engagement, Helena Engagement Photographer

One of my favorite images from Christy and Jeff's Engagement session in downtown Helena, can't wait to photograph the wedding later this year. Montana-Wedding-Photographers_004

Canon 1N, Kodak Portra 400, FINDLab

A dream is a wish your heart makes... goodbye 2012

  2012 has been a huge year for Rachel and I. We got married, got a puppy, built a business together, and each day seems filled with things that a couple of years ago were only dreams. It's almost scary to talk about, because it all seems so fragile. I can't thank God enough for the showering of blessings that Rachel and I have experienced this year. I'm exhausted, thankful, and excited for the year 2013.

Tomorrow morning I'll get up with my bride, make coffee, and write down our dreams...



Image ©Ryan Ray Weddings, visit his website at



Tyler Thorney - Graphic Designer

Montana-Wedding-Photographers_111 Tyler Thorney is an awesome local graphic designer and friend (He also married my wife's cousin Becky:) ) . We did these images a few weeks ago. His work really is amazing, and we have been brewing a few collaborations for the new year:) Check out his website at

Shot all these images on Portra 400 film, Canon 1N, 50mm 1.2

Montana-Wedding-Photographers_107 Montana-Wedding-Photographers_109 Montana-Wedding-Photographers_108 Montana-Wedding-Photographers_110 Montana-Wedding-Photographers_112

One film frame - Corry and Amy on Flathead Lake

One film image from Corry and Amy's wedding on the flathead lake this summer. Water and film, two of my favorite things:) Montana-Wedding-Photographers_075

Taken on a Mamiya 645af, 80mm 1.9, Kodak Portra 400. Scanned by Indie Film Lab