Mexico on film

A few months ago my friend Clayton Austin asked me to assist him at a wedding in Mexico. It was an amazing trip, and my first time in Mexico. Excited to go back this year, its an amazing country, and I'm so glad we were able to capture it on film.

If you want to check out the wedding we shot you can see that on Clayton's blog here: 

This film was shot on a Contax 645, on both fuji and kodak films. Processing and scanning by Photovision prints. 

Samantha and Reid Super 8 film, Wales.

This may be the most beautiful wedding I've ever witnessed. We are a bit biased though, seeing as Samantha and Reid are both great friends and photographers themselves. When we first started talking about going to Wales with them, it seemed like a far off dream that for some reason or another would never actually work out. Well, we did it, and I've never fallen in love with a place, or the people so quickly. It almost hurts to watch this video and think of all the amazing people and places we experienced.

Samantha and Reid, you are both such beautiful souls, and we couldn't ask for better friends. Lets make a habit of going on adventures together ok? ok.

Also, HUGE thanks to Kate Murphy Photography, she photographed this wedding. The pictures have no words, so beautiful. We just got a few of the prints that she captured at the wedding. Love them! Check her our here:

Cara + Dan Super 8 Wedding Film, Eleuthera Bahamas

We shot this film last year at Cara and Dan's wedding in Eleuthera, Bahamas. Still one of our favorite weddings. I love the feel and softness of super 8 film, and the amazing vintage camera's we get to use. When we got this film back it made us both miss the bahamas so much. Such a beautiful amazing place. 

If your interested in having us make a Super 8 film for you please contact us for rates and more info :) 

A dream is a wish your heart makes... goodbye 2012

  2012 has been a huge year for Rachel and I. We got married, got a puppy, built a business together, and each day seems filled with things that a couple of years ago were only dreams. It's almost scary to talk about, because it all seems so fragile. I can't thank God enough for the showering of blessings that Rachel and I have experienced this year. I'm exhausted, thankful, and excited for the year 2013.

Tomorrow morning I'll get up with my bride, make coffee, and write down our dreams...



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