Ashley and Kevin, Blue Goose Fruit Shed, Loomis, CA

I'm so excited to share these film images from Ashley and Kevin's gorgeous California wedding! We love these two people A LOT, and we were so blessed to photograph their wedding! I (Rachel) have known Kevin for a couple years now, and I love seeing him fall in love with one of the sweetest girls I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! They're are so crazy in love, and there's nothing more inspiring than two people giddy about each other! Their wedding was a hot 115 degrees hot, but they rocked it, and so did there good looking bridal party! ;) I also have to point out that I have a crush on the ring bearer...just sayin. 

Ashley and Kevin, we love you guys and wish you the best!!  


To view the whole event and order prints click HERE


Polaroid preview of Samantha and Reid's Engagement session, Kalispell Engagement Photographers

A preview of Samantha and Reid's Engagement session in Kalispell on Impossible Project Polaroid film, taken on my SX-70 Camera. Can't wait to get the rest of this film back:) Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_020

Cutting down our first Christmas Tree

Being our first Christmas together, we set out to make a new for us family tradition. Golden retriever, flannel and all:) We took one of the film cameras as well. Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_001 Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_004 Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_010 Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_003 Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_000 Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_002 Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_006 Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_007 Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_005 Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_009 Whitefish-Wedding-Photographers_008

Canon 1N, Kodak Portra 400 film, FINDlab