Ashley and Kevin, Blue Goose Fruit Shed, Loomis, CA

I'm so excited to share these film images from Ashley and Kevin's gorgeous California wedding! We love these two people A LOT, and we were so blessed to photograph their wedding! I (Rachel) have known Kevin for a couple years now, and I love seeing him fall in love with one of the sweetest girls I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! They're are so crazy in love, and there's nothing more inspiring than two people giddy about each other! Their wedding was a hot 115 degrees hot, but they rocked it, and so did there good looking bridal party! ;) I also have to point out that I have a crush on the ring bearer...just sayin. 

Ashley and Kevin, we love you guys and wish you the best!!  


To view the whole event and order prints click HERE


Samantha and Reid Super 8 film, Wales.

This may be the most beautiful wedding I've ever witnessed. We are a bit biased though, seeing as Samantha and Reid are both great friends and photographers themselves. When we first started talking about going to Wales with them, it seemed like a far off dream that for some reason or another would never actually work out. Well, we did it, and I've never fallen in love with a place, or the people so quickly. It almost hurts to watch this video and think of all the amazing people and places we experienced.

Samantha and Reid, you are both such beautiful souls, and we couldn't ask for better friends. Lets make a habit of going on adventures together ok? ok.

Also, HUGE thanks to Kate Murphy Photography, she photographed this wedding. The pictures have no words, so beautiful. We just got a few of the prints that she captured at the wedding. Love them! Check her our here:

Seattle on Film

In December last year Rachel and I took a trip to seattle to see Jeremy Cowart's Lifefinder tour. I have been a fan of Jeremy Cowart's work for a long time, and he is one of my biggest inspirations. He is humble, talented, and artistic in a way thats not self glorifying or prideful in any way. He is also giving, and generous. He is the founder of the Help Portrait, a moment dedicated to helping Photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and many others give back to their communities. He is in so many ways a picture of the kind of man I wanna be when I grow up:) and it was amazing to meet him and hear him speak. We drove to seattle from montana for that, but ended up staying a couple days. I hadn't ever been to the city before, and instantly fell in love. we went to the art museum, stopped at pikes place market, and saw the gum wall, and visited the first Starbucks(Picture above). We decided to leave the digital cameras behind for most of the trip, taking a couple old cameras and film. All images are unretouched or edited, except for the shot of us with Jeremy Cowart, because it was severely underexposed haha turned it black and white.  We haven't shown these images anywhere else, and just got one of the rolls back from Richards Photo Lab last night. Enjoy!

All images taken on Kodak Portra 400, with a Canon AE-1 35mm and Bronica Etrsi  Medium format camera.