The 4th of July on Film

A year ago today Rachel and I went on our first "date", in honor of that we are watching Cowboys and Aliens, and I'm blogging pictures I took on the 4th this year. Last year it was a fireworks picture that I posted to a facebook group that got Rachel and I talking, so its kinda fitting I got these scans back from the lab today. On a totally different note, I've always found in interesting to look at the 4th pictures I've taken every year since I started taking pictures. Funny how it sorta says alot about me. Last year I was photographing Connect Church in Bozeman's free love event, and they ended it with awesome fireworks. That night was like most, fun, but in many ways empty from anything personal for me. I think the most memorable part of the day was my friend Jon shaving my head. He had begged me to do it, and I relented, it was a mistake, and made me realize the true value of a hat. I had no idea that night as I photographed the explosions of light across the water, that a year later, I'd be engaged to Rachel, that I'd actually have something personal to celebrate about the 4th. Every year Rachel's family puts on a huge fireworks display, and literally hundreds of people come. Rachel and I sat with Tyler and Becky, and watched the lights explode, with Brinkley burrowed down next to us. It was the best 4th I've ever had, by a long shot. Speaking of... the only thing I somehow forgot to take a picture of was Brinkley, and seeing as he is truly the worlds greatest dog that is a tragedy. Oh well... there is always next year:) On a geeky side note, everything here was taken on my Mamiya 645af, and the Yashica mat124g, on kodak portra 400.

Product placement...

We had good company:) Impromptue photoshoot with uncle rons car:) Fireworks on film! You have no idea how hard it was not knowing if these came out after I shot them! :)