What "___" Looks Like

Time for Blog Project again!! Every month myself at 6 other photographers blog what ever "___" looks like. Well I suck and missed it. Also because we were driving, which is what this whole post is about. This month is What Our Travels Look like. We spend a majority of the time in my car, driving, driving, driving. This last month we've put over 3,000 miles on my poor car. Good thing she loves us and is holding up! So, here's an OVERLOAD of pictures from mostly our iphones and some film mixed in, yay!! Enjoy this glimpse into our hectic busy but very fun lives. We're so blessed to do this and I'm typing this really fast cause we're about to get in the car again for Bozeman.....


Don't forget to complete the circle that is currently broken because of me (sorry ladies!) and see what Skye is up to!


On the way to Salt Lake City....taking pictures of nothing, and strangers.

Oh Anthropologie....I heart you.

The whole reason for going to Salt Lake City was to see The Civil Wars!!!!! I bought Jeremiah tickets for Valentines Day and we had been counting down the days!!! We love then so much and one of their songs is our First Dance!!! <3 They were so amazing live and I have such a girl crush on Joy!!!!

We went to The Great Salt Lake. It was very salty. Way more than I thought it would be. I was thinking it was just normal Ocean water. No, it was gross. The place kind of creeped me out. Just water and nothing in it. Soooo odd. These first two pictures are on film :)

Then we drove to Bozeman, shot a  wedding, I found a worm in my Sour Patch Kids and  when we finally got home my wedding shoes arrived. Those won't work.

Brinkley got his nails trimmed. Look at that pathetic face!! We miss him so much while we travel. Thank God my best friends love him so much! ;) Brinks had his first ice cream cone!! Mmm chicken flavor, his fav! Jon and Jenni came to visit US finally! We're always at their house in Bozeman, invading with our camera equip and all our weird schedules! It was so nice having them at our place (well, Jeremiah's) for a weekend and for our Engagement Bon Fire Night! We took them to Glacier, it rained, and Brinkley pouted.

I was a celebrity for a day ;) and then awesome peeps from Cali and Jackie from Missoula camped in Glacier and we all got breakfast :)  And then we hit the road again, to Seattle!!

Jeremiah 2nd shot at a wedding with Kirk Mastin, and I ordered Room Service and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. It was lovely. :) I then ventured into the city by myself, tried on wedding dresses with my cousin Jonathan, haha! I told him this was probably the only time he'd see a girl try on dresses! We then got sushi at this awesome place that had sushi going around on a conveyer belt. Sooo yummy. Those are my dad's company's satellites on top of the building my cousin works in AND the dress shop I went to, with the Space Needle in the background.

"Yay you're home!"