Sneak peek at a bridal shoot, Christmas print sale, and why we shoot film:)

Its the slow season here in Montana, as far as shooting is concerned. We content ourselves with designing albums, meeting with couples for weddings for next year, and working with local vendors to see what we can do better in 2013. We are working on several collaborations right now, and can't wait to show those. Also want to mention our print sale going on right now through Christmas  50% off all wedding prints, and 25% off family and senior prints. To purchase prints, head here. We offer lots of products through our store, like albums and proofs collections, and they make amazing Christmas gifts! :) If you follow us here, or on facebook, instagram or twitter you have probably heard us talk about film. We started incorporating it into our shooting at the beginning of 2012 and have fallen in love. Each roll we have gotten back has made us realize that this is something amazing that we want to share with our clients. Film helps us create timeless images, full of life, and honesty. It's hard to put into words what it is about film that makes it so amazing, but just like a vinyl record, it somehow feels more real than a bunch of ones and zeros. We love digital cameras as a tool, but through this year we have realized that many times film is a better tool to help us tell our client's stories. We love film so much we hired a film photographer to shoot our own wedding, Ryan Ray from Texas. The results were amazing. Film, and Ryan's amazing vision, made our wedding look better than I could have dreamed. We want to give that to the people we photograph. When we shoot film it also helps us remove the barriers between us and our couples. There is no screen to look at the image after its taken, it requires trust, skill, and helps us make true images that really capture the essence of who people are.

We are always pushing ourselves, learning, and trying new things, anything that makes what we do matter to our amazing clients. Film is a huge part of that desire, we don't want to just take good pictures for people. We want to capture images that tell a story in the best way it can be told, not just document, but make art.

This is just a few of the film images from a bridal shoot we did with Mums Flowers earlier this year, our model was Melissa Berdimurat of Style M.E.

These images were captured on my Mamiya 645af, 80mm 1.9 lens on Fuji 400H film.