Krista and Earl: Anniversary: Seattle

I had the pleasure of meeting Krista and Earl in one of my very first weddings in Montana!  Then here we are, three or four years later, meeting up in Seattle! During our 1st anniversary trip of traveling through Portland, Cannon Beach, Astoria, Tacoma and ending in Seattle we had so many opportunities to hang out with fun people like Krista and Earl!! We might be biased, but we think having a portrait session with your honey is the best way to celebrate an anniversary and new life in the big city! Half this session was done at Alki beach in West Seattle were I convinced these two waking up at dawn would be worth it for the epic view of the city. Yeah, there was a thicker than pea soup fog down there...oh well, still gorgeous! Pretty sure whenever I live in Seattle I will be spending my days there ;) Then we ventured into the crazy traffic and wonderful Queen Anne district of Seattle where we got the REAL view of gorgeous downtown! Thank you Krista and Earl for the fun day in the city!! You two are so cute together, just the way you were when I first met you! ;)