Our Engagement on Film by Chris Rebo Photography

Seems like just the other day I was driving through beautiful fall colors to visit Rachel from my home in Bozeman. What a difference a year can make... One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is seeing a new story every week. Almost every weekend this summer I captured images as stories played out in front of my camera, each one closer to the day I would get to tell my own. One of the main reasons I became a photographer was preservation. The idea of forgotten memories scares me, I want everything to be remembered, savored, and basked in. So much of what we do is fleeting, over before its even a whisper. I think thats why we search so hard for that other half, that best friend to share the journey, because when the day is done it only matters if you had a witness, a person to remember the story with.


A person in that photograph with you....


Below are images of Rachel and I captured by my good friend Chris Rebo, also a amazing photographer. He is being awesome and letting me share a few here:)