Tegan and Kaylee {Fashion Shoot} Choteau, MT

So this post is a bit over due. Whoops! Life has been one thing after the next lately, and I'm not complaining, I love it! I am kinda tired though. Right before our whirlwind Vegas trip we had a fun fashion shoot with Angela Bouma of Timeless Photography and Chris Rebo of Rebo Photography.  It was fun shooting in a full studio and experimenting with lights. I showed up with the idea in my head to just play around, and let the creativity flow. The shoot was styled by Angela along with her doing the hair and make-up. Nicely done lady! Tegan and Kaylee were our gorgeous models and they were a blast to work with! These images are definitely not my "everyday" stuff, but its those moments where you grow as an artist and are pushed out of your comfort zone. I personally haven't worked with a lot of studio lighting, so it's comforting to know I could walk away from a shoot and be happy with what I got. Jeremiah and I even played around with some film and just those back today from the lab. The bottom half of the post is shot on Portra 400 and developed at Pro Photo Connection.

Special thanks to Cara at Mum's Flower's for the gorgeous head piece!! I carried it around all day with me just because it smelled so good :)

Angie found the most amazing run down apartment building for the 2nd half of our shoot! I seriously was about to get a broom and some tools to fix it up and move in, I loved it!! I'm surprised none of us walked away with "The Black Lung, pop"