Vegas on Film

Last night, Rachel and I got back from WPPI, and Showit United. Right now both of us are completely brain dead and overwhelmed(In a good way) We had a blast, and were totally blown away and amazed by all the awesome talented, and cool photographers we met. The company that we use for our website, and also how we met:) Showit, put together an amazing series of speakers, events and tons to keep us occupied. We had a full registration to the normal WPPI platform classes, but didn't make it to a single one. We walked around Vegas as much as we could stand, and I was reminded how much I hate spending more than a day in Vegas:) We will have a couple more posts up in the next week or so, with more on what we did etc, but I wanted to post some of the shots from the film I shot while we were there. All of this is Kodak Portra, a roll of 400, and a roll of 160. Just desaturated the black and whites. Got them processed at a local lab, and the color isn't nearly as amazing as Richards Photo Lab, which is what I've used in the past. Another reason why Richard Photo Lab is amazing.

Lots more to come... Including an impromptu wedding wedding that we shot on the strip, stay tuned:)