Honeymoon in Napa, San Francisco, and Dillon beach on Polaroids and iPhone shots

We just got back a few days ago from our honeymoon. Right now Rachel is editing a senior session, and I'm writing this and replying to emails, while Brinkley is being totally unproductive laying between our desks. We took him for a walk earlier to Sweetpeaks, a local ice cream place, which happens to have dog ice cream. We are told it tastes like chicken, but neither of us really wants to find out. Brinkley however loves the stuff. One drawback is that any room he is in for the next few hours better have good ventilation... We went to California to shoot a wedding, and in the week prior traveled around northern California, staying at Bed and Breakfasts, old hotels, and seeing as much of the ocean as we could. We made a fire on the beach, drove one of the best roads I've ever been on on Napa (James Bond cool) and tasted the best coffee I've ever tasted ar Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco. I shot as much of it as I could on Impossible Project Polaroid film, on my SX-70 folding SLR.

We are doing our best to catch up on work, and getting into the routine of being Married... Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that! We got married :) Which naturally happens before most honeymoons:) Rachel wants me to write something about married bliss... I guess the starring at each other with stupid grins, holding hands until they cramp and PDA qualifies. Its like that first week of dating turned up to eleven...  I'd be lying if I said its been easy to start working again. We are still in happy land of nobody exists but us right now, and get irritated at the slightest interruption into our seemingly perfect world:) but alas, emails must be answered, pictures uploaded, and the job that we love only a little less than each other must continue. We are so excited to be starting this journey with all of you, and can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Tintype Photographs taken at Photobooth in San Francisco on 4x5 Camera