A reason to Drive all night.

Its been one of those weeks. I am finally wrapping my head around the idea that its a New Year. This is a fact widely accepted, but for me its different. This is not just a new year in the since of the calendar, or the date. Its a new everything, a reckoning time. Some of the readers here might not realize that I have for the past few years I worked at a Bagel shop. I got the job just when Photography was barely on my radar. It was a great job, while I spent the rest of my waking hours pouring over everything and anything photography related. It helped me buy lenses I didn't need, try things I shouldn't, and otherwise walk in circles trying to figure out who I was as an artist. I got up for work each morning at 3am, and got off before noon each day, giving me alot of time to waste. I quit at the end of last month. Told my boss that if all worked out, he would be the last "Boss" I ever have.

The other big change was moving, Bozeman has been my home in Montana, and in truth I never felt at home there. Don't get me wrong, Bozeman is awesome, but since I wasn't going to collage, and didn't love sking or showboarding, I always felt a bit out of sorts there. Those feelings intensified since last fall, when I started traveling alot, it seemed like every month, and it continues. Vegas, Laguna Beach, Vegas again, Denver, Portland, Cannon Beach, Bosie, Seattle, and now Sacramento in a week. The feeling of restlessness grows each day. God has shown me just how limited I was in my small world. Which is why I finally moved to the Flathead valley... more on that later.

Long story short, I quit my "day job" moved to a new town, and said goodbye to alot of things. If you've read this blog for long you know that Jon and I are always talking about how much our lives are like a good TV show. Last week Jons wedding was the stage for a awesome season finale, probably the best, and biggest we've had yet. We are just getting into a new season, new sets, cast members and changes. This will be my first year as a full time Photographer, and honestly I've never been more scared, but God is faithful, and I'm a blessed man.

Photos taken on portra 160, Bronica Etrsi, and a Yashica fx-3

I ain't lookin' for a free ride home, back to the middle, I need a new locale, I need a girl that calls me baby, I need to know if she can save me.

I need somewhere I can drive all night, out into the darkness, Follow the headlights down, I've got know if they can take me, Ive gotta know if they can save me.

-Drive All Night by Need to Breathe