Camping at Big Arm, Montana


Its almost eleven and I just somehow got the mix right for pour over coffee after months of "tweaking"... This is my life in a nutshell... or a coffee bean.

Married life is good, we are broke, happy, and enjoying getting into the swing of things. We are almost caught up on editing, and will be tackling some album designs etc by the end of this week. We are also in the yearly process of rebranding and changing things we are not satisfied with. It seems like a never ending battle, but when it comes to our "art" it'll never be quite finished. I like the direction we are heading, and thats enough for now.

Every year Rachels family goes camping around Labor day, last year I was the odd new boyfriend, this year I was the almost husband. I drove a boat for the first time, and tested out my new Canon 814 super 8 camera, which we used later to film our wedding (fingers crossed, still have yet to send the film in) but as you can see from the awkwardly silent footage below, it works.

All the images below were taken on Kodak Portra 400 and 160 film.