California dreamers, images captured on iPhone and Holga

Favorite part of photography is traveling. Its the reason I first picked up a camera, and the reason I look forward to every trip this "job" has taken Rachel and I on. Even if its just across a few state lines, being new to a place, seeing everything fresh is so inspiring. Its a good thing I like it too, because at the moment Rachel and I are stranded in California. Note to self, double check the itinerary... In hindsight its worked out for the best though, and Rachel and I have been stuck here with nothing to do but catch up on editing, and hang around in pajamas all day. We also wouldn't have had time to visit San Francisco if we had known our flight was leaving.

A little off topic, but Rachel and I are watching the Wedding Singer, and I've decided I want John Cusack and Drew Barrymore to play Rachel and I in our movie "The Wedding Photographers" haha (Seriously though, why hasn't a romantic comedy been made yet about photographers? We have singers, planners, caterers, I think even a florist in there somewhere, best friends, but not photographers...

The pictures in this post were shot with an assortment of cameras, a Holga, iPhone, and a Canon 5D mark II.