A Few of My Favorite Things {personal}

I'm sick of winter. It's all drab and brown outside and I'm seriously craving Sunny with a high of 75, hehe! I thought a little personal post of things I love would brighten it up around here! Thank you Pinterest for feeding my need of looking at pretty stuff!

"Daisies are such a friendly flower. Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" -Kathleen Kelly

This is my someday dog. I LOVE Golden Retrievers. Especially Goldens with BUBBLES!!

I seriously can't wait to go to the Bahamas!!!! I've never been somewhere tropical, but I love the ocean and can't wait to feel the sand in my hair!

Ohhh I love these shelves! I have piles of frames and art just waiting for a kitchen or living room with those shelves.

Looks like home :) Ahhh, someday, yes.  I love interior design almost as much as photography. I almost went to Seattle when I was nineteen to study interior design, but then realized it was the pictures I loved more. Still though, I spend hours looking at beautiful rooms.

"Make it Happen" AMEN! I'm sick of wasting time and seeing everyone else go after their dreams. I'm tired of people saying "You're lucky you get to do this." It because I went after it and nothing got in my way or made me give up.  If they can do it, YOU can do it. Make it Happen.

If this doesn't make you happy, you have no soul. The End.

OMG Wayne's World! These will no doubt be my children someday!! Jeremiah, I'm sorry. ;)

 I had one of these this week. My. Life. Is. Changed. Ok, that’s pushin it, but seriously, it was nice and life got easier!

My grandma gave me this verse about 3 months before I met Jeremiah. It sits on my desk and everyday I'm thankful God brought him into my life.

Oh boy. If I go into your bathroom and toilet paper is rolling the wrong way, I'LL FIX IT.