Elizabeth and Andrew + Las Vegas, Nevada Wedding Photographers

So this is a weird post, because Rachel and I had no intention of shooting a wedding in Vegas. We were there for a WPPI, and Showit United, a photographers tradeshow and conference. A few days in, a couple of photographers we had never met, announced on Facebook that they had decided to get married early, in Vegas, at the "Pop Up Wedding Chapel". They invited whomever wanted to come, so we naturally had to attend, because we don't go to enough weddings;) Joking aside, we thought it was awesome, and I honestly never get tired of seeing people in love make the insane crazy jump that is marriage.

We all sent them off in true wedding style, complete with bubbles. We were blessed, not only to witness this, but also to make new friends. God has a plan, and sometimes it seems that he shouts it from the strangest places, even Vegas.

I'd like to thank our whole little wedding party, Sarah Bardo, Donnell ProbstJennifer Bischof, and Samantha and Reid of Orange Photography. It was a blast! and I can't wait to see you all again next year at Showit United:)

P.S. Still waiting on the film to come back from the lab, so I'll post those later:)