Las Vegas and WPPI {travels}

UGH, Vegas. Not quite sure how I feel about you.

Two weeks ago (sheesh, where has the time gone!) Jeremiah and I traveled to Vegas for WPPI and Showit United. It was a blast, it was exhausting, it was over stimulating, it was inspiring, and most of all it was worth it.  Meeting our "online friends" in real life was such a treat. We seriously fell more in love with them and made more connections and met more people we're happy to call our friends now!! We won full registration and passes for WPPI from VSCO...cause we love them and they love us....but we didn't even use them besides going to the trade show! Our wonderful website software/best friends Showit had their own thing going on called Showit United. We attended classes that rocked our world, met our industry leaders and the people who inspire us daily. To us it was like meeting celebrities. Jose Villa (wedding photographer GOD) was in front of us in the security line at the airport and I so badly wanted to bug him once more, but decided not to be a total creep. He recognized us as we ran into him trying to put our shoes back on and shove our laptops back in bags. He said "hello" and once again I wanted to hire him right then and there for our own Someday Wedding!

Moving on. These are mostly shots from our iphones since we didn't want to lug our big cameras around.

Jasmine Star!!!! We sat in the front row, I cried, laughed, and fell in love with her even more. She's so genuine and smart and seriously makes everyone feel so special.

Jeremy Cowart, again!! Jeremiah's hero and such an amazing man of God. His attitude and integrity speaks for itself.

Jose Villa! We met him at Richard Photo Lab booth. So sweet and charming...and amazing sense of style.

How convenient that the two photography couples we look up to the most were speakers at United!!

Troy and Aimee Grover. I love them. I'd move to SoCal to be best friends with them. Troy sat on a stack of chairs...I obviously thought it was funny cause I took a picture of it. I loved Aimee's green pants and now I'm on the hunt for some myself! I love their work and style, brand, and their adorable dog :)

Gabriel Ryan. Making nerd the new cool. He spoke about pricing and it was incredibly refreshing! We also love his work and brand and it was enlightening to get his feedback :)


Zach Gray taught us the proper way to make coffee. We've put those new skills to use since we've been back and I'm actually enjoying a reeeaaaalllllly good cup of coffee right now :) Brian Wurzel, Promise Tangeman's hubby is musical genius and hilarious. He gladly modeled Promise's camera bag for my camera. So fierce.

Prohibition Party!! Samantha and Reid were our wonderful Double Dates. They are amazing dancers and entertained us all night with their skills!

VIP, what up.

And then our new friends Elizabeth and Andy GOT MARRIED. We photographed the ceremony with our iphones. I cried. It made us realized even more we seriously love what we do when we hear someone is getting married and the first thing we think about is "We have to get there now to photograph it!"

Last day there we wandered around for awhile. I found Elvis. I feel weird taking a picture with him, but I did it for my friend Sarah Bardo, who wants to be married by Mini Elvis. 

Oh look! We went to Paris!

And now I'm all tired thinking about Vegas again. I was home for a day, long enough to do  laundry and I was off to Disneyland with my family!