Filmshooters meetup at the Red Caboose

For the filmgeeks:) Contax 645, 80mm, Kodak Portra 160 pushed +1

 First bi-annual film shooters meetup (which wasn't really a meetup until we said it was:)) Brian and Brett Birdsong came up from Tulsa to shoot a wedding in glacier park. They stayed at our house, and though we didn't get a ton of time to hang out, busy with weddings and all, we made the most of it. You can read Brett's post on it here. I'm super jealous that they saw a Grizzly bear in the park, because I live here and have yet to happen upon one. Before they both started the long road trip home, we went to my favorite coffee place in Whitefish, The Red Caboose, and I shot 1 roll Kodak Portra 160.

 I've known Brett for a long time, though we've only hung out in person a few times. He is crazy talented, but more than that a great friend. He was there when I first met Rachel, and told me to stop being stupid and date the girl, so I owe him that:)  This was by first time meeting Brian, an amazingly talented film photographer. We had only talked on Facebook and Instagram before this, meeting in a film photographers group. Its so amazing taking those online relationships and actually meeting people. Makes me crazy thankful for the internet, and how it has enabled us to meet people from all around the world, build friendships, and learn from each other.